The unique mound-nesting Malleefowl can be found in “mallee” habitats (dry eucalypt scrub) of the Coorong, at Gluepot, and Innes NP.


Banded Stilt

Banded Stilts are found in coastal lagoons when they’re not breedingin large outback salt lakes that only contain water once every few years.


Adelaide Rosella

Adelaide Rosella, currently a subspecies of Crimson Rosella, inhabits woodlands around Adelaide and further afield.


Mulga Parrot

The beautiful Mulga Parrot is regularly found in vast inland “mallee” (dry eucalypt scrub) habitats such as Gluepot and surrounds.

Scarlet-chested Parrot

One of Australia’s rarest birds, the stunning Scarlet-chested Parrot breeds irregularly in remote parts of SA.

Regent Parrot

Rapidly declining, Regent Parrots breed in small colonies in large old Red Gum trees lining the inland section of the Murray river.

Chestnut-breasted Whiteface

Found in outback areas around Lyndhurst and Coober Pedy, the Chestnut-breasted Whiteface usually feeds inconspicuously on the ground.

Black-eared Miner

The Black-eared Miner is confined to dense, old-growth “mallee” (eucalypt scrub) and now almost extinct due to interbreeding.


Chestnut/Copperback Quail-thrush

Birds of “mallee” (eucalypt scrub), Chestnut is found in the east (Gluepot and surrounds), while Copperback in the west (Gilles NP) and beyond

Western Whipbird

The “mallee” subspecies of this elusive heath-dwelling bird is only found in SA (Innes NP and Lincoln NP) and a possible future split.

Short-tailed Grasswren

The range-restricted Short-tailed Grasswren is found in only 2 locations in the world: the Flinders and the Gawler Ranges in SA.

Western Grasswren

Western Grasswren​The eastern subspecies of this grasswren inhabits scrubby plains on the northern Eyre Peninsula and is a possible future split.


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