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    Clients' testimonials for Southern Birding Services guides

    Peter Waanders 2002-current

    Helga Kieskamp 2011-current

    Steve Potter 2013-current

    Peter Waanders 2002 - current

    For testimonials post-2013 please visit the Bellbird tours website

    "Thank you again for finding so many birds for us this week. Your time with us was really special. We will remember it always." (C & S Magee, USA, 6-day private tour, Oct 2013)

    "Thanks for a great day! I got 19 life birds and it is hard to choose the 'bird of the day': Malleefowl, Red-lored Whistler, Black-eared Miner or Striated Grasswren!" (D Snavelly, USA, Oct 2013)

    "Many thanks for an excellent and pleasurable couple of days birding in SA!" (J & P Smallwood, UK, 2-day private tour, Oct 2013)

    "Just checked my Oz list which is now over 690. Thanks for the considerable boost provided by the trip!" (M Newman, Australia, 6.5-day Six Grasswren tour, Oct 2013)

    "Many thanks for the day at Gluepot – we enjoyed it immensely" (I & J Brown, Australia, Sept 2013)

    "Thank you greatly for a full and knowledgeable tour of Gluepot. We had a thoroughly enjoyable birding day. Your knowledge of bird habits and calls is exceptional" (Assoc Prof David & Roma Bell, Aus/US, May 2013)

    "A big thank you to Peter for a wonderful day at Gluepot. A number of great birds seen with the highlight no doubt the Red-lored Whistler. I highly recommend a day out with Peter!" (B O'Keefe, Australia, Mar 2013)

    "My tour has been a really good one, and you contributed a lot to its success. Thank you so much!" (C Rowekamp, Germany, Feb 2013)

    "An excellent day at Gluepot: 40 lifers!" (D Jackson, UK, Dec 2012)

    "A fantastic day around Adelaide, Peter, and very enjoyable!" (D Lilien, USA, Dec 2012)

    "Thank you very much again for your helpful information and introduction to this fascinating country." (J Thiollay, France, Great Southern tour, Dec 2012)

    "A quick note to thank you again for your excellent guiding and company during our visit to Gluepot in December." (D Jackson, UK, Dec 2012)

    "Thank you! Another fantastic trip. 17 new species for me, so very happy!" (M Moxon, Australia, Great Southern Tour, Dec 2012)

    "Thank you for the days birding at Lyndhurst and Gluepot. We had the best time and came home with memories that will stay with us forever" (T & L Pratt, USA, private tour, Nov 2012)

    Thanks for the help and assistance during the tour!" (N & K Lonergan, Australia, Highlights of SA Tour, Nov 2012)

    "Thanks to both you and Helga for one of the very best days of birding (at Gluepot) we had during the entire month we were in Australia!" (J & K Munthe, USA, Oct 2012)

    "Many thanks Peter, that was a great two days!" (J Sneddon, Australia, 2 days private guiding Gluepot & surrounds, Oct 2012)

    "Thanks for a splendid trip that was full of interest and great fun. You did a fine job getting us on many great birds - not to mention the odd letter winged kite or two...!" (J Hollyhead, UK, private Grasswren tour, Sept 2012)

    "What a long but awesome day birding at Gluepot. Saw my targets - Red lored Whistler, Striated Grasswren and Black eared Miner, plus outstanding views of Chestnut Quail thrush. Thanks Peter!" (D Stowe, Australia, July 2012)

    "Thank you very much for a most enjoyable and successful trip. I did not expect to see Grey Falcon. Wonderful!" (S Taylor, Australia, 6 Grasswren tour, Jun 2012)

    "It's good to meet someone with such exceptional skills in bird watching!" (L Peters, Australia, May 2012)

    "Thank you very much for another super birding day!" (R & B Swartz, Canada, Apr 2012)

    "Thanks for a great tour of Gluepot and for finding all the target birds!" (P & A Wright, Australia, Feb 2012)

    "Thank you for a fantastic experience. I felt very safe and confident with your highly skilled driving and excellent guiding." (M Moxon, Australia, private Five Grasswren tour, Nov 2011)

    "I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the recent 5 Grasswren trip. It ticked all boxes for me. The trip was really well paced and I loved your flexibility and the way you responded to all our various wish-lists. Our birding at Gluepot was one of the most fantastic days birding I have ever experienced." (J Broadberry, Australia, 6-day Five Grasswren tour, Oct 2011)

    "You have the best vehicles and equipment of any Australian birding tour I've been on..." (A Wright, Australia, 6-day Five Grasswren tour, Oct 2011)

    "Thanks for the birding at Gluepot- I especially enjoyed seeing the Red-lored Whistler..." (J Chapman, Australia, Sep 2011)

    "Peter was great, so knowledgeable and knew what was in his area we really enjoyed our time with him" (T Franks, UK, 6-day private tour, Aug 2011)

    "I would like to thank you for showing me the Scarlet-chested Parrots..."(E Smith, Australia, Sep 2011)

    "Thanks again for a great trip !" (D Frederick, Australia, 5-day private outback birding tour, Aug 2011)

    "Thanks for another really excellent trip. Such a lot of new birds for me! Definitely due to your in depth knowledge..." (R Brozek, Australia, 6-day Five Grasswren tour, Jun 2011)

    "Thank you again for the great time I had last week! I saw 45 new birds..." (A Schulte, Germany, 6-day Five Grasswren tour, Jun 2011)

    "Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the trip. I saw some truely legendary birds!" (S Summers, Australia, 6-day Five Grasswren tour, Jun 2011)

    "Nothing short of spectacular!" (N Read, Australia, Apr 2011)

    "We went to Gluepot last year on our own and were disappointed. With Peter's help, his amazing ability to spot the birds and his knowledge of sites we did very well this time!" (P Morgan, Australia, Apr 2011, 3-day private tour)

    "Thanks Peter, we had a great trip, and lots of photos" (A Low, Singapore, Apr 2011, 3-day private tour)

    "Thank you for being part of my top birding moments of 2010" (U Gotthardson, Sweden, Oct 2010, Five Grasswren tour)

    "Thanks for a great tour Peter!" (J Hayes, Australia, Sept 2010, Highlights tour)

    "Thank you again for a wonderful trip last week. We were very fortunate!" (D Frederick, Australia, Sept 2010, private 5-Grasswren tour)

    "It was great, thanks Peter!" (R Foxall, Canada, Sept 2010)

    "Legendary...!" (J Vaughan, New-Zealand, June 2010, 7-day private 5 Grasswren tour)

    "Thank you for the bird guiding. Both days were both very enjoyable and extremely productive. We really appreciated the trouble that you took to ensure that we saw as many (virtually all in fact!) of our 'wanted' species!" (R Brace, UK, Dec 2009)

    "Wow! An amazing experience" (B Dieterich, USA, Dec 2009)

    "I've never been to a site with so many top quality birds in such a short time anywhere in Australia" (M Lord, Australia, Nov 2009, Five Grasswren tour)

    "Great trip! Thanks" (Don Roberson, USA, Nov 2009, Five grasswren tour)

    "Your Highlights tour was great with such a hardworking and keen guide as yourself I had a really happy and exciting time" (Ruth Brozek, Australia, Oct 2009, Highlights of SA 6-day tour)

    "Thank you again for the great South Australia birding trip - it was certainly the highlight of our entire Australian adventure" (J Roche, USA, Oct 2009, Highlights of SA 6-day tour)

    "Many thanks for a really excellent day's birding" (Dick Gilmore, UK, Oct 2009)

    "A fabulous day's birding. We all agree Peter's fee was well worth every penny. No way we would have seen even a tiny fraction of what he showed us. None of the birds was obvious from the roads. Peter clearly knows Gluepot like the back of his hand. Highly recommended! (Sue Kosianski, Australia, October 2009)

    "Thank you for a wonderful trip and for all your hard work. We all thoroughly enjoyed it" (Edward Cawley, Australia, Sept 2009, Highlights of SA 6-day tour)

    "Thank you for a fascinating week, which was a real eye-opener. There was just so much to take in - birds, scenery, geology, plants... Thank you for all your efforts" (Irena Henderson, UK, Aug 2009, Highlights of SA 6-day tour)

    "Thanks again for the great trip. If any of my birding friends plan of visiting Australia, I will be sure to give them your contact information" (M Ribaudo, USA, July 2009)

    "Thanks again for a great and very successful day!" (Richard Fenner, New-Zealand, May 2009)

    "Thank you for the wonderful birding trip you provided. It was the best" (Kathy Colston, USA, March 2009)

    "We would never have found these grasswrens, or visited some of these places, by ourselves" (Robert Wynands, Germany, December 2008, Highlights of SA 6-day tour)

    "A very well designed tour" (Ulrike Bischler, Germany, December 2008, Highlights of SA 6-day tour)

    "Thanks very much for showing us South Australia and its unique birds" (Earl Rathbun, USA, October 2008, 6-day private tour)

    "It is difficult to find sufficient superlatives to describe the trip!" (Sue & Peter Jenkins, UK, October 2008, 4-day private tour)

    "Very good birding" (Robert Norton, USA, July 2008)

    "Great work Peter - fabulous views of all our main target species" (Pete Morris, BirdQuest, UK, October 2007)

    "Absolutely fantastic - all my targets seen, and great views!" (Arjen Brenkman, Netherlands, October 2007)

    "Stunning!" (John Hornbuckle, UK, 8300+ species worldwide, October 2007)

    "Thanks for some of the best birding I've ever done - Gluepot beats the Daintree!" (Wayne Twydle, NZ, September 2007)

    "Thanks for doing such a good job of guiding us - yes, I do know who to recommend as a bird guide in South Australia!" (Stephen F. Bailey, Birding tour guide, USA, December 2006)

    "Many thanks for a great day birding, 22 trip ticks including 12 lifers, it will take some beating! The most pleasurable thing was being able to get great views of all the birds" (Richard Banham, UK/Spain, November 2006)

    "Peter's knowledge of the birds and the sites is excellent and I can thoroughly recommend his services" (Mike Catsis, UK, August 2006)

    "I enjoyed Gluepot and your knowledge of it made it a very successful day" (John Rogers, Australia, November 2005)

    "We'd been to Gluepot twice before, but despite three days of searching and following tips, we missed a number of crucial birds. Peter did an excellent job of finding all five lifers on our list, and then found us another 4 lifers we hadn't expected to see!" (Neil Boyle, Canada, November 2005)

    "Great value for money, I would never have found these species myself" (Jules Bos, Netherlands, September 2005)

    "A fabulous day with excellent species!" (Dick Holworth, UK, November 2004)

    "Peter is a good guide, and knows his species" (Pieter van der Luit, Netherlands, October 2002)

    Helga Kieskamp 2011 - current

    For testimonials post-2013 please visit the Bellbird tours website

    "Thank you again for a great day – both the guiding and conversation were very good. Final count is 9 lifers!" (P Crane, Australia, April 2014)

    "Thanks again for an excellent day yesterday. We all thoroughly enjoyed your company and saw some excellent birds!" (J Elliott, Australia, March 2014)

    "Thank you for the Gluepot Reserve birding tour. The sighting of Red-lored Whistler and Black-eared Miner made the trip worthwhile. Helga has looked after me well during the tour." (R Wong, Australia, November 2013)

    "Thank you very much for the great tour of Gluepot. We very much enjoyed seeing the mallee landscape and wildlife and were pleased with the many birds we were able to find. Your enthusiasm and energy for the chase were impressive!" (A Murray, Australia, November 2013)

    "Last week we had a fantastic day's birding at Gluepot Reserve. Thanks to our wonderful guide, Helga Kieskamp, I got a record 26 lifers!" (C Cooke, S Africa/NZ, October 2013 )

    "Thank you again for the very enjoyable day we had with you at Gluepot. Your knowledge of the bird calls and ability to pick the direction of the calls was very impressive!" (R Wescott, Australia, November 2011)

    For testimonials post-2013 please visit the Bellbird tours website

    Steve Potter 2013 - current

    "82 species for the day, including a few lifers! Steve's knowledge, skill and quick recognition of species make for a very rewarding birding experience" (A Brown, USA, November 2013)

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    SA Birding Site Guide

    SA Birding Site Guide

    A Birdwatching Guide to South Australia (e-book) NEW: 2012 REVISION   By P Waanders...

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    SA Birding Site Guide

    SA Birding Site Guide

    A Birdwatching Guide to South Australia (e-book) NEW: 2012 REVISION   By P Waanders...

    Details Buy - $24.99


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