Bird, other fauna, and vegetation surveys

Southern Birding Services conducts surveys across all habitats. We specialise in bird surveys across arid inland areas, freshwater rivers and wetlands, and coastal environments. In many ecosystems, birds are at the top of the foodchain and therefore their numbers and distribution are an important indicator for habitat quality and allow identification of management priorities, the meeting of legislative approvals, design and rollout of projects, resource planning to name a few. In addition to bird surveys, we can also undertake surveys of other fauna as well as vegetation.

Southern Birding Services is a renowned expert in both designing and undertaking biological surveys and monitoring programs of which birds are usually a significant, if not the only, component.

Our customers are as diverse as the species that we survey, covering industries such as mining, NRM, infrastructure, transport, energy, conservation, both public and private.

Our staff are expert ecologists with a variety of specialisations to meet any project scope.

Southern Birding Services maintains a range of equipment including fully fitted-out field vehicles and specialised survey gear, sound identification recorders, and an extensive GIS system.

previous projects
Why choose us?

  • Solutions based on knowledge, experience and     customer service

  • Highly motivated, dedicated and experienced     team members.

  • We undertake and complete your project to the     highest standard, within budget and on time.

  • Highest level of customer service: we work with     our clients to provide tailored solutions.

  • Based in South Australia: Adelaide  and   Berri.

  • Previous projects   
    Types of surveys:

    The types of bird and other surveys that we offer include the following:

  • Baseline environmental studies
  • Once-off surveys
  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Targeted surveys
  • Threatened species surveys
  • Pre-clearance surveys
  • Mining and exploration surveys
  • Vegetation and weed mapping
  • Ongoing bird monitoring (any duration)
  • Community education/support
  • Assistance/advice with survey design
  • Bird and wildlife detection using audio recorders     and/or motion-activated cameras

    previous projects

    Project examples:

  • River Murray Wetland bird surveys

  • Mallee threatened bird surveys

  • Gluepot threatened bird monitoring design and     field surveys

  • Mallee bird detection surveys using audio     recorders and motion-activated cameras

  • Community Education Programs

  • Wetland management plans

    previous projects

  • Short-tailed Grasswren, August 2006, Flinders Ranges (c) G Etherington.Black-eared Miner (c) G Chapman.Chestnut-breasted Whiteface, October 2003, Lyndhurst (c) P Morris.
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