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    South Australia:

    Chestnut-breasted Whiteface

    Short-tailed Grasswren

    Black-eared Miner

    Mallee Whipbird

    Mallee Emu-wren

    Western Australia:

    13 endemics of the south-west

    Red Centre:

    xx endemics of the Red Centre


    12 endemics of Tasmania

    Identification issues:

    ID Comparison Tables for Crows and Ravens, Cuckoos, Honeyeaters, Collared Sparrowhawk vs Brown Goshawk, Grey-tailed versus Wandering Tattler, Terns

    Pdf's on identifcation of Neophema parrots. Part 1 - Part 2

    Brown, Inland and Chestnut-rumped Thornbill - click here

    Crows and Ravens - click here

    The Chestnut-breasted Whiteface Aphelocephala pectoralis is South Australia's only true endemic. It is confined to north-central and north-east SA and can, for example, be found on the arid plains along the lower Strzelecki track east of Lyndhurst, or near Coober Pedy. They feed inconspicuously on the ground and have a soft trilling call. Unmistakable by its broad, rusty breastband, it hops on the ground in small flocks and mixes with other Whiteface species .....more.

    Chestnut-breasted Whiteface, October 2003, Lyndhurst (c) P Morris.

    The Short-tailed Grasswren Amytornis merrotsyi is a recent split from the Striated Grasswren. Confined to the Flinders and Gawler Ranges, the birds are shy and secretive and only found in spinifex-covered hills. The birds are slightly smaller and greyer than Striated Grasswren, with a slightly shorter tail. Their main call is a very high pitched 'seep', inaudible to some observers.....more.

    Short-tailed Grasswren, August 2006, Flinders Ranges (c) G Etherington.

    Until recently, the Black-eared Miner Manorina melanotis was another SA endemic - after it had become extinct in Victoria. However, a successful recovery program means the species is yet again present in the Victorian Mallee-Sunset National Park. The best place to find them however remains Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve, 50 km N of Waikerie, SA. To significantly increase your chances of finding this and other critical species, click here for information on birding trips to Gluepot.

    Read on for a detailed account of this interesting species!

    Black-eared Miner (c) G Chapman.
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