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    Looking for....Banded Stilt....Malleefowl....Black-eared Miner....Red-lored Whistler....Chestnut-breasted Whiteface.....4 Grasswrens.....2 Quail-thrushes....14 Honeyeaters....White-browed Treecreeper....Gibber Chat....etc etc????

    I have 15 years experience birding in South Australia (and far afield) and have also been involved with the establishment and ongoing management of Birds Australia's Gluepot Reserve.

    Through my company BellBird Birding Tours I offer bird guiding within most areas of South Australia, as well as all-inclusive bird tours.

    Whether you are anticipating a few days of birdwatching around Adelaide, a day at Birds Australia's Gluepot Reserve, or planning a more comprehensive birding tour in South Australia, I offer bird guiding at competitive rates.

    Guiding services can be tailored to client's needs - there are many flexible options to suit a range of budgets! Tours or day trips can be booked for individuals or groups and the possibility of teaming up with an existing party is there too in order to save money. On all tours the pace is set according to your needs and we cater for birders of ALL levels, designing a personalised tour around your target species.

    We also offer a trip planning service - click here

    Birds of Gluepot

    Birds of Gluepot

    Birds of Gluepot (22 p.) Photo Booklet
    Stunning photos By P Waanders...

    Details Buy - $12.93

    Please inquire as early as you can: the Australian spring season (Sept - Dec) is always very busy.

    I have been conducting professional bird guiding trips to Gluepot Reserve since 2000 and good birding sites around Adelaide, the Flinders Ranges and Outback since 2005. Your safety is important: I hold a current Senior First Aid certificate and Advanced 4WD certificate and carry a satellite phone, GPS and up-to-date first aid gear on all trips. More about your guide

    Article by a top British wildlife writer about a day's birding with Peter

    Black-eared Miner (c) G Chapman    Short-tailed Grasswren (c) G Etherington    Chestnut Quail-thrush (c) D Roberson

    SA Birding Site Guide

    SA Birding Site Guide

    A Birdwatching Guide to South Australia (e-book) NEW: 2012 REVISION   By P Waanders...

    Details Buy - $24.99

    Through my company BellBird Birding Tours I offer bird guiding at reasonable rates within most areas of South Australia.

    Costs are per trip, not per person. If you have a vehicle that we can use, that will bring costs down even more. In considering my guiding services, please consider what it would cost you in time, expenses and frustration in attempting to find these species yourself! I have the Birding sites of critical species stored in my GPS. You will most likely find that doing it yourself comes out if not more expensive, at least a lot more difficult!

    Itineraries range from a half-day Adelaide region trip looking for bush birds and waders, day trips searching for the endemic Black-eared Miner at Gluepot Reserve, to a multiple-day trip targeting Outback species such as the endemic Chestnut-breasted Whiteface. Flexible options to suit a range of budgets: I can tailor-make an itinerary to target the species you need.

    At Gluepot we usually find most if not all of the specialities - depending on the time of year of course.

    Gluepot Reserve birdingGluepot Success Rates Adelaide region birding

    Outback birdingTrip reports from previous clients

    Mallee Birds CD

    Mallee Birds CD

    CD: Birds of Mallee scrubland. The only CD to feature calls of most birds found at Birds Australia's...

    Details Buy - $24.99

    Searching for Short-tailed Grasswren

    Mini loudspeaker

    Mini loudspeaker

    Mini Loudspeaker - Radioshack. Highly recommended by profesional birdwatchers...

    Details Buy - $43.95

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